RD Solutions Ltd.
RD Solutions Ltd. is a fast-growing distribution company providing resellers and customers with the best services and products to build a complete ready-to use radio communication system.
Experienced and educated team does their best to support all customers through the complete selling process whether it is sales leads, solution design, setting up and installing a system or providing the essential after sales or technical support.
RD Solutions is ready to partner up in a joint effort to service both — resellers and their customers.
We are focused on providing the best products needed to deploy two-way radio systems. This includes best in class radios, network equipment, software and system solutions. In addition to this we are doing our best to offer our partners and customers a huge range of aftermarket products: batteries, charges, audio accessories.
Besides experience and technical expertise, our defining resource is our mix of technical, cultural and ethical competencies. We are perfectly aware of the area we work at and respect local customs, legislation and values. We deliver on time, as agreed and with full after sales support. That is fundamental and how we build trust, over time.
We are your flexible, able and willing partner — determined to be your preferred supplier of communication equipment and solutions, regardless of the challenges you may have.
We also invest in hardware and software developments of body-worn cameras and systems. This new and fast-growing market can bring additional value to our existing and future partners. Our research and development efforts are focused not only on body-worn cameras, but on providing total solution, which includes as well docking stations and Video management software.
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