Body Worn Cameras T2
Specto Т2 is the only body worn camera with proven active function of remote microphone-speaker of professional Motorola radio (for analogue and digital mode). Remote microphone-speaker is a unique function for body worn camera offered on the market. The products of high quality which technical parameters of a body worn camera and remote microphone speaker meet the most strict customer's requirements.
  • Remote microphone speaker with integrated PTT function
  • Photo/video recording of hight quality
  • Making photo during video recording
  • Night regime (infrared lighting) in manual and automatic mode
  • Operation from integrated accumulator - max. 10 hours
  • Charging time - max. 4 hours
  • Memory: 64 Gb (standard), 128 Gb (optional)
  • Audio operation for operation modes
  • IP66 standard
  • Dimensions: 85х59х30 mm
  • Weight 150 g
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