Mobile Radios DM1400
DM1400 is a simple and available analog-digital mobile radio. DМ1400 in the analog mode provides a high quality of voice transfer and it has all necessary functions for creating sufficient communication.

Radio DМ1400 can be used in digital mode*, providing the user with MOTOTRBO digital radio functions: excellent sound quality, increased coverage zone, basic safety and work in double capacity mode, using TDMA DMR technology.

Model DМ1400 has two-digit display and menu navigation buttons, that make radio control easier and user-friendly, as well as provides the users with immediate access to information.

DМ1400 is designed for long operation and meets IP54 standard.

DМ1000 radios are simple, reliable and cost-efficient communication regime, that allows to simplify workgroups coordination and to optimize communication system.
  • Analog/digital mode
  • 16 channels
  • Menue navigation buttons, 2-value digital display
  • Configurating power levels (1-25 W, 25-45 W)
  • Basic confidentiality
  • IP54
Accessories and additional equipment
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