Mobile Radios DM4600E/DM4602E
DM4600Е/DM4601E are full-functional mobile radios meeting ETSI DMR standard. These models combine all advantages of MOTOTRBO professional radios: integrated voice and data transmission, increased coverage zone, audio system with best-in-class noise-canceling technology for clear and loud voice messaging.

Set-in Glonass/ GPS* transmitter allows improving the performance and to increase employees' safety by providing monitoring of resources and tracking mobile groups. The presence of Wi-Fi* provides a remote software update.

Due to 4-line full-color display, the users can exchange messages, and text-to-speech technology will help drives not to be distracted while on the road.

DM4600Е/DM4601E radios meet IP54 standard and are tested under military standards of use in severe conditions.

Radios of DM4000E series, providing high performance and safety, is designed especially for professional use. A wide range of additional accessories, including Bluetooth®*, provide more possibilities of use and connection.

*Model DМ4601E has set-in modules GPS/GLONASS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®.
  • Full-functional radio
  • 1000 channels
  • Menu navigation buttons, 4-line full-color display
  • Configuration power levels (1-25 W, 25-45 W)
  • Glonass, GPS*
  • IP54
  • Bluetooth*
  • Wi-Fi*
Accessories and additional equipment
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