Portable Radios DP4401EX
DP4401EX is a full-functional explosion-proof portable radio. DP4401EX is designed especially for creating secure and safe communication within explosive areas and it combines main advantages of professional radio of MOTOTRBO range, such as integrated voice and data transfer, improved quality of the sound signal, increased battery resource, set-in scrambling, which provides data protection.

DP4401EX series of radios comply with high standards and belongs to the most secure group of ATEX. The devices are developed in accordance with the IP67 safety range and they are designed to operate in tough conditions.

Set-in Glonass/GPS receiver allows to improve employees' productivity and increase their safety by providing constant monitoring of resources and tracking of mobile groups.

Radios of DP4000ЕX series and additional accessories of ATEX standard allow to organize a reliable and efficient communication system as well as to provide the needed safety level for the employees in extremal working conditions.
  • Full functionality
  • 32 channels
  • No keyboard, no display
  • Configured power levels (1W)
  • ATEX certification for operation in explosive environment
  • MIL STD 810D, E, F, G
  • IP67
Accessories and additional equipment
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