Portable Radios DP4800E/DP4801E
DP4800Е/DP4801E is a full-functional portable radio with high efficiency. These models combine all advantages of professional radio of MOTOTRBO rang, such as increased coverage area, advanced energy-saving technology, that provides long operation time of the battery, best-in-class audio system, integrated voice and data transfer function.

Set-in Glonass/GPS receiver allows to improve employees' productivity and increase their safety by providing constant monitoring of resources and tracking of mobile groups.

Due to full-color display and DTMF-keyboard P4800Е/DP4801E provides users with advanced functional: convenient access to the information regarding radio condition and text message exchange.

DP4600Е/DP4601E radio meets standard IP68 and passed tests under military standards for using in tough conditions.

Series of DP4000E radios, that provides high efficiency and safety, was designed especially for professional use. A wide range of additional accessories, including Bluetooth®, provides more possibilities for connection and use.
  • Full-featured readio
  • 1000 channels
  • Full DTMF-keyboard, 5-raw color display
  • Configured power levels (1-5 W, 1-4 W)
  • IP 68
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
Accessories and additional equipment
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