Portable Radios SL2600
SL2600 is a thing, light and functional portable radio. that meets ETSI DMR standard. Model SL2600 combines all necessary functions needed for providing immediate and uninterrupted communication, as well as its continent and stylish design.

SL2600 has virtual keyboard and display that provides fast access to its main functions and the possibility to output important information on display. The set-in Wi-Fi* module allows making remote configuration.

SL2600 radio supports work with wireless accessories: earcups and Bluetooth® sensors.

Model SL2600 is designed especially for business, providing reliable and immediate communication, the radio supports business image.

*This function requires additional license
  • Support of work in the system solutions
  • 256 channels
  • THin, compact frame
  • Programmable power levels (1-3 W, 1-2 W)
  • Virtual 4-button key-board, 2-line OLED display
  • IP54
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
Accessories and additional equipment
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