Portable Radios DP1400
DP1000 is an easy and available analog-digital radio. Model DP1400 in the analog regime provides a high quality of voice transmission and it has all necessary functions for creating an efficient connection.

Radio DP1400 can be used in digital regime*, providing the user with the functions of digital radios MOTOTRBO: excellent sound quality, increased coverage area, the long operating time of the battery, basic security and work in the double capacity regime, using of TDMA DMR technology.

Model DP1400 has IP54 security system, that allows working in complicated conditions.

Radio DP1000 is a simple, reliable and cost-efficient communication solution, that allows simplifying coordination of working groups and optimizing communication system.
  • Analogue and digital mode
  • Without keyboard and display
  • Basic safety
  • 32 channels
  • Programmable power levels (1-5 W, 1-4 W)
  • IP5
Accessories and additional equipment
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