Portable Radios SL1600
Portable Radios SL1600 SL1600 is a light and solid radio with a thin frame. Model SL1600 is completed with advanced technologies for providing its productivity and convenient use: improved construction and patent antenna allow increasing radio range, thus providing a long operation time from the battery and its compact size.

SL1600 has impact-resistant display Active View, that informs a user about operational functions of the device and automatically switches off after distinct time in order to save battery energy.

SL1600 is dust- and waterproof, it meets IP54 standard and is designed for operating in adverse conditions. Ergonomic devise and a set of additional accessories provide a wide range of use.

Radios of SL1600 series support analog and digital mode, that allows easily integrate into existing radio system, providing reliable group communication and coordination.
  • Analogue and digital mode
  • Without keyboard and display
  • Basic safety
  • 32 channels
  • Programmable power levels (1-5 W, 1-4 W)
  • IP5
Accessories and additional equipment
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